Mike Williams

Government Cash Management

I can offer: policy advice, project management, training and mentoring covering:

Relevant Publications

Mike Williams: "Government Cash Management: Good and Bad Practice" (2004)
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Mike Williams "Government Cash Management: International Practice" (Oxford Policy Management Working Paper 2009)"
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Mike Williams "Cash Management: its Interaction with other Financial Policies" (IMF, Fiscal Affairs Department, 2010)"
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Mike Williams and Mario Pessoa "Cash Management: Relationship between the Treasury and the Central Bank" (IMF, Fiscal Affairs Department, 2013)
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Mike Williams and others "Cash and Debt Management: Interaction, Co-ordination and Integration“ in Carlos Pimenta and Mario Pessoa, eds, Public Financial Management in Latin America: the Key to Efficiency and Transparency (IDB, 2015)

Mike Williams "The Treasury Function and the Treasury Single Account” (Chapter 16) and “Debt and Cash Management” (Chapter 31) in R Allen, R Hemming & B Potter, eds, The International Handbook of Public Financial Management (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)