Mike Williams

Institutional Capacity Building, Risk Management and Governance

I can offer: policy advice, project management, training and mentoring covering:

  • Establishing a debt office [Presentation] presentation
    • Inside or outside the ministry of finance or treasury
    • The importance of ministerial and senior management support
    • The legal framework
    • Accountability to ministry of finance and parliament or congress
    • Integration of debt and cash management; interaction with the Treasury
    • Interaction with the central bank, and financial regulators
    • Project management
    • Team building and change management
  • Governance, decision making and delegation frameworks
    [Presentation] presentation
    • High-level debt management committee
    • Delegation parameters to the CEO of the debt-office
    • External advisory or policy board; the role of non-executives
  • Internal organisation, management and audit structures
    • Front, middle and back office
    • Operational decision-making and horizontal communication structures
    • Support services - IT, personnel, facilities - bought in or embedded
    • The role of internal audit; support to the CEO; and relationship with external auditk
  • Capacity building, IT and other systems, and training
    • Preparing a Business Plan [Presentation] presentation
    • IT systems strategy and requirements
    • System selection and project management
    • Management support systems
    • Skills and systems audit
    • Training policy; developing the training programme - courses, and on-the-job
  • Market and credit risk management
    • Market risk exposure; limits and controls
    • Credit risk policy, appetite and management
  • Operational risk management, including business continuity planning [Presentation] presentation
    • The role of middle office; and the "risk champion"
    • The operational control framework: developing the risk register and prioritisation; high-level reporting; risk monitoring; learning the lessons
    • Business continuity planning; and disaster recovery

Relevant Publications

Mike Williams and Hakan Tokaç: "Government Debt Management and Operational Risk: a Risk Management Framework and its Application in Turkey" (SIGMA/OECD 2013)
View pdf View PDF

Mike Williams and Arindam Roy “Government Debt Management: A Guidance Note on the Legal Framework” (Commonwealth Secretariat, October 2010) View pdf View PDF