Mike Williams

Key Qualifications

Relevant Consultancy experience in a range of countries: demonstrating strong analytical and presentational skills; ability to deliver to tight timetables; and preparation of highly-regarded reports.

Wide ranging experience of government debt and cash management, including strategic and institutional issues, and of capital markets; also of monetary policy, fiscal policy and governance; in UK and overseas; as professional economist, senior manager, policy maker.

Established UK Debt Management Office as first Chief Executive in 1998; clarified respective responsibilities and accountabilities, including with central bank and financial regulator; developed corporate governance and risk management framework; and established interaction with market, including mode of intervention and market maker 'contracts'.

Successfully expanded range of responsibilities, developing new policies across Government's financial balance sheet, and expanding range of techniques and instruments handled, maintaining service to market throughout. This included:

  • Government debt management (1998)
  • Government cash management (2000)
  • Short-term asset management (2000-01)
  • Government's on-lending to local authorities (municipalities) and the management of certain public sector funds (2002).

Successful stewardship of very substantial Government assets and liabilities: reporting to UK Parliament for all market transactions.

Several key roles in UK privatisation programme (1986-1997), including in relation to specific bond and equity sales.